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Wedding planning checklist

Wedding planning is very stressful. We have provided a wedding checklist below to try and ease that stress.

Please feel free to add your own poses or suggestions.

Click headers to open and close lists below.

Printable Checklist

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At Bride's home

  • Portrait of Bride
  • Bride with photo of parents wedding
  • Chief Bridesmaid fastening last hook on wedding dress
  • Bride with parents
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Bride adjusting mother's button hole
  • Bride being given bouquet by youngest bridesmaid
  • Bride looking in Mirror with bridesmaids watching
  • Bride leaving house with father - on Father's Arm
  • Bride and father in car
  • Incidentals (eg bouquet on table, shoes, etc)
  • General candid shots

At Church before service (Doing these before allows for time after)

  • Portrait of Groom
  • Portrait of Best Man
  • Groom and Parents
  • Groom, Best Man, and Ushers
  • Groom and other members of his family (eg grandparents)
  • Best Man holding rings (close-up of hand)
  • Groom & Best Man (Adjusting button hole)
  • Groom & Best Man (Checking watches)
  • Flowers in church
  • The Band / Organist
  • Details inside the church (orders of service / registers / kneelers / etc)
  • Groom and Best Man sitting in pew
  • Other candid shots (eg People arriving)
  • Bridesmaids / Page boys (If not done at bride's home)

Arrival of the Bride

  • Bride and Father in car (posed) - (If not done at bride's home)
  • Father helping bride out of car (posed)
  • Vicar welcoming (candid)
  • Preparing to go in (candid)

Church Service - (Discreet, No flash, Candid)

  • Walking up the aisle
  • Taking their vows
  • Giving of the rings
  • Music group
  • View from the back of the church
  • The first kiss
  • Vicar / Minister
  • Person doing Bible Readings (If not Minister)
  • Person leading Prayers (If not Minister)
  • Other candid shots (eg Bride's mum wiping a tear away)
  • Other candid shots (eg BrideMaid's and PageBoy's sat together)

Signing register - click to open if closed

  • Bride signing with Groom watching (bouquet on table)
  • Bride signing, Groom standing, witnesses and vicar behind
  • Vicar handing over the marriage certificate

At End of Service (Allow for going back into church)

  • Walking down the aisle - couple asked to pause
  • On the church door step
  • Candid shots of people greeting the couple
  • General People shots

Groups at Church or chosen place (Large groups first allows guests to move on)

  • Bride & Groom with Bride's Friends
  • Bride & Groom with Groom's Friends
  • Bride & Groom with work colleagues
  • Bride & Groom with Universerty friends
  • Bride & Groom with vicar / minister
  • Everyone with Bride & Groom
  • Everyone with Groom Only
  • Everyone with Bride Only
  • Confetti shot

Groups at Reception (This can be a bit more relaxed)

  • Bride & Groom with Groom's parents
  • Bride & Groom with Bride's parents
  • Bride & Groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride & Groom with Groom's immediate family
  • Bride & Groom with Bride's immediate family
  • Bride & Groom with both immediate families
  • Bride & Groom with all relations
  • Bride & Groom with named group of friends (eg school friends)
  • Bride & Groom kissing with Bridesmaids and BestMan watching
  • All the men (Groom, BestMan, Ushers, Fathers) - In a line
  • All the men (Groom, BestMan, Ushers, Fathers) - Rugby scrum style
  • Best Man and Bridesmaids - 007 style
  • Bride & Bridesmaids
  • Bride in the arms of Groom and Best Man
  • Bride and groom "kissing in the clouds"

Bride and Groom Photos - (Place of your choice, allow time for these photos)

  • Bride & Groom - Full length
  • Bride & Groom - Half length
  • Bride & Groom - Head and shoulders
  • Bride & Groom - Kissing
  • Close up of hands showing ring & bouquet
  • Walking away from camera looking over shoulders
  • Bride by herself
  • Couple by the bridal car (Chauffeur in background)
  • Couple in the bridal car


  • Cutting the cake
  • Mascot on car
  • Cake by itself
  • Table Decorations