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Wedding Planning

  • The main thing we want you to be is happy with your wedding pictures, and it will probably be your main way of looking back at your special day in the future (unless you have a videographer). So please make sure you make has much time available for them.
  • As we said above it is worth sitting down and planning your day, to get the best out of the time available for you and your photographer.
  • It is surprising how quick the day goes, so discussing what photographs and poses you want to have taken on your day is very important, also remember that not everybody likes to have their photograph taken, so not all your family may appear on your final photographs.
  • The photographer will usually start at the brides home if requested, to take some initial shots of the bride and brides maids.
  • Then on to the church to take some more shots of the groom and best-man.
  • Then we catch some shots of the bride arriving, with the brides father or chosen person to give the bride away.
  • Shots of the bride walking down the aisle.
  • Shots of you both during the service, and saying your vows. And then walking back down the aisle.
  • The main group shots, this allows most guests to move on to the reception, and stops them getting bored.
  • We can concentrate on some shots of you both, and maybe the bride-maids and best-man.
  • Then further shots of any guests missed from the main service.
  • First dance, and posing cutting the cake.
  • At this point we will ensure we have covered all shots you may want, and then leave you to enjoy the rest of your day.
  • You will then have your album, delivered within 10 working days, usually less but we need to consider any back log at the printers

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